Tensky Entertainment- Concept Artist / Matte Painter (2017)                                                                                          

Microsoft - Concept Artist (2015 -2016)

Blur Studio - Concept Artist, on Mafia II (2014)

The Mill - Concept Artist / Matte Painter, on Adidas, Evolve (2014)

Sony Pictures Entertainment - Concept Artist, on unannounced project (2014)

Tool of NA - Concept Artist, on unannounced project (2014)

Ant Farm - Concept Artist, on Marvel Universe (2014)

The Mill - Concept Artist / Matte Painter, on Call of Duty:Ghosts (2013)

Daniel Clark and Associates - Concept Artist (2013)

Scribble Pad Studio - Concept Artist (2012)

Rhythm and Hues - Concept Artist / Matte Painter, on various projects (2012)

Adhesive Games - Concept Artist / Matte Painter, Hawken intern (2012)


Strong knowledge in painting and drawing with both digital and traditional medium

Strong understanding in 2D and 3D production techniques and process


3D Modelling, texturing, lighting with Maya, Modo

2D Matte painting, environment painting in Photoshop

Traditional paintings and sketching



Art Center College of Design - B.S. Entertainment Design 2008 – 2012





Resume and additional portfolio available upon request.

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